Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where hath old man winter gone?

The winter days are cold and often grey, but I must confess that I much prefer them to the incessant muddiness which characterizes the Wisconsin springtime. I'm told I must be crazy, to enjoy the snow as much as I do. They may be correct; the snow and I, it is a long-standing affair. I realize that the warmer temperatures are coveted after months of frozen days and nights, but if we could do without the mud and the ugly brown, I probably would not mind the arrival of spring so much.

Old man winter has disappeared for the year, I will assume. There will possibly be a few last snow showers before spring claims its final foothold, and I guess I can enjoy those for what they're worth. And when the grass turns green and the flowers "spring" forth in their joyous colors, I will welcome it with open arms.

Old man winter merely sleeps. I await his return while the world turns to warmer days.

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