Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pornography as Mainstream Entertainment: What is a Christian to do?

As a culture, we are completely and utterly over-sexed. Sex appeal sells just about anything nowadays. Just show a bit of cleavage and it's all good. Apparently. Of course, it's become waaaaay more than that in the years I've grown up. No longer is a bit of cleavage good enough. Just watch some of the commercials on television sometime. And then we have the tv shows themselves. How many primetime shows don't have at least one sex scene per episode? Perhaps there are a few. But it doesn't matter whether there is a scene; the characters talk about it. Incessantly. It's disgusting. And if you move into the cable channels, it's even worse. Nudity is all over television; sexual nudity. Like A Game of Thrones on HBO. I wrote a review of the first book on my book blog and basically it was a decent story, but it failed for me because of the amount of sex, very often incredibly perverse. The show, I've been told, is even worse. The human body has been turned into this carnal piece of work that everyone is told to lust after.

Movies are just as bad, too. For years, the movies I would call "pornography in disguise" have been targeted more at men and boys. Think American Pie, or Superbad. (I've not seen any of those, and don't plan to. Though I did make the mistake of watching part of the first American Pie movie at a friend's house once...ugh.) And now this year...the ladies got a treat. Magic Mike. Though if you enjoyed this movie, I'd hesitate to call you a lady. Nor would I label the movie a treat. It's full pornography, according to the review I read on Even the review was too much.

But even if you just want to watch a comedy or drama at the theater, you can't get away from sex. I feel like it must be a prerequisite now for Hollywood: at least one gratuitous sex scene. At least. I can't tell you how many movies I've seen at the theater/rented to watch at home that had a useless sex scene. You know something, Hollywood? Even if the characters must have sex, you don't have to show it. Good grief.

And then there's the sexual innuendo that is splattered ALL OVER conversation, whether in everyday talk or in the media. My question is simply this: WHY?

Then we have books. Sex scenes are all over books; every genre has them, some worse than others I think. I made a comment in my review of A Game of Thrones about how fantasy authors seem to think they have every right to throw in as many pointless sex scenes as they want simply because the book is in a fantasy setting. A few of my favorite books are still sullied by these scenes. Enter E.L. James, the author (dare I say plagiarizer?) of the super-hyped Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. I know I have made many wisecracks about judging people for reading these books, but I am honestly dead serious. First of all, these books started out as Twilight fanfiction, which should tell you a lot. Second, they are poorly written. And when I say poorly, I mean atrociously. I haven't read them, but just reading the reviews on Goodreads is enough for me to say they didn't deserve to be published. Third, they are basically porn packaged as a (poorly told) love story. Most of each book is sex. I'm sorry but no one, and I repeat no one should be reading this trash. Especially not Christian women. Why bring yourself down to that level? What is the point?


Sex is everywhere. And it's probably 99% of the time perverse. Pre-marital. Homosexual acts. (No, being gay is NOT OKAY. I don't know what Bible you're reading....) The list could easily go on. The human body is supposed to be a temple, people. Why can no one realize this?????? God created man and woman to be there for each other, and to have an incredibly intimate relationship within the bonds of marriage, to the point that they become one flesh.

I exhort you, Christian friends, to stand firm in the face of the perversions of the world. God created sex to be the means of a deep union between husband and wife, and to be the means by which children are created. It's a miracle and a mystery wrapped up together and it is sanctioned by God.

I could write about this particular topic forever. It saddens me to see young girls dressing and acting like total sluts because the media says it is okay. It saddens me to see young boys making crude jokes. And then they turn into men and women who think it's okay to allow abortion because then they can have sex with whomever they want with no restraints. Children are no longer cherished in our society. Just look at the absolutely ridiculous fight over birth control. Now, I condone the use of birth control for medical reasons, or within a marriage if that is what the couple wishes. I do not condone the use of pills like the "morning after" and others which induce an abortion right after conception. That is murder, plain and simple. (I also don't think anyone should be forced to pay for someone else's birth control. Yes, I'm talking about you, Sandra Fluke.)

We as Christians need to stand up for what is right and pure in our world. Don't be legalistic and shun everyone who thinks differently than you, but reach out in love. If a friend asks you to go see a certain movie with them, respectfully decline and explain why. Resist the temptation to read something like Fifty Shades simply because everyone else is. (If you ask me, when "everyone else is doing it" becomes the reason, I think that's a good time to steer clear.) Avoid listening to music that is completely about sex. Watch other television shows.

There is plenty of good, wholesome entertainment available. Many family movies, like Pixar. Tv shows like Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, and Downton Abbey. (Actually, much of what is offered on Masterpiece Theatre Classic on PBS is wholesome and well-written.) There are also plenty of other books to be reading. Plenty of decent music to be listened to. And if all else fails, you can very easily read your Bible.

I usually watch period dramas, listen to classical music, read old novels and classics, and watch old films because they are so much cleaner than much of what is mainstream today. And of course, I just prefer them, but that is pretty obvious. ^_^

I'll stop here, since if this gets too long, people probably won't read it. But please take the time to. And I know I directed this at Christians, but this goes for anyone else in the world, too.

Thank you for reading, and may God bless your entertainment choices.


  1. Hey! I read this :]! The only thing I would say, and this is purely constructive criticism (I am being polite, I promise), is that you write how these movies and books are poorly written when you have never seen or read them. I would never ask you to sully yourself by watching/reading such things, I am just saying that some people may feel this is ignorant and judgmental. If you want to bring people in agreeing with you or to see the light of Christ, it would probably be better to not rant about how reviews are good enough for you. Is just the New testament good enough for you? A cliff notes version of the Bible? Obviously, this is not the same, as the Good book is the Good book, but from an outsider's point of view you are being awful judgmental about things you do not know. It would sound better if you focused more on what you knew of these things instead of attacking the things you don't.

    1. Thank you for your comment. :) You are correct, though I write what I have read from others who think like I do. I just really felt like I needed to get out there that I believe these things are terrible even though I have not read them. That's all. :)