Monday, April 15, 2013

has spring arrived at last?

Happy Monday! And Tax Day!

On second thought, that's not very happy for most people. And even though I don't work outside the home right now, I hate Mondays as much as everyone else. Partly as a leftover feeling from my college days.

But this morning I took my coffee outside on the deck and almost started crying because it feels so beautiful outside. It even smells like spring. At last. The sun is shining, the river is flowing, and my tulips are poking out of the ground. I noticed my tulips last week and got so excited, but now I'm ecstatic because the weather is lovely. I'm crossing my fingers that it stays that way.

This is a short post to welcome spring officially (I hope!), and to let you all know that I now have a camera!! One of my dearest friends was so kind to sell her old one to me at a discount price. It's not new, but it works perfectly, and besides it is new to me! I haven't taken many photos yet, and the ones I have taken are of my cats and my feet, but perhaps I'll have some photos of the yard to share in the near future. :)

Now, rather than going to the gym to workout this morning, I am going to put on my gardening hat and muck boots and get some yardwork done!


  1. Enjoy the sunshine and's cloudy and still pretty chilly here. But I know spring will come soon, and it's been such a happy morning that I don't even mind. :) Have fun with the yardwork! I'll have to come see it when we're up in WI this summer. :) Love ya!

    1. Thanks! It was super cold over the weekend so I am definitely happy right now. Already got quite a bit of yardwork done, actually. Yes, you'll have to come and visit! :) <3