Monday, December 30, 2013

end of the year and all that

Since getting a job back in April, all my plans/ideas/personal life kind of went haywire. It took a long time for me to acclimate, as it generally does when something is new. Seems like I'm on track now, though, and I'm definitely enjoying what I do. (Mostly because I have a few very good friends there now. That's always helpful. And fun!) Of course the holiday season tends to throw a wrench into everything because though it's the most wonderful time of the year, it's also the busiest and craziest. Plus, it's not over yet -- New Year's and Epiphany are yet to come. I hope to do something small to celebrate Epiphany.

Anywho -- it is nearly a new year. What a crazy thought. I have a hard time believing 2013 has mere hours left to live. That's not a bad thing. A new year always prompts resolutions/goals/long lists, whatever you call them. And those lists are always a good thing. Following through on them is a different story. I am long guilty of writing resolutions and then not following through on any of them. Sound familiar?

Well, I turned 25 a month ago, and it's long past time for me to progress on some of my resolutions and goals further than a few steps. Getting started is the easy part; staying on the path is way more difficult. Besides, there is so much that life has to offer, and (as I have said before), I thrive on new experiences. It's hard not to, honestly.

I'm not going to post any of my goals and resolutions just yet -- that gives me a topic for another blog post. Okay, just kidding, I already mentioned one...blogging regularly. I can't let things get in the way anymore. I'm a writer, darn it! And I can't always be writing in private, though there is nothing wrong with that. But seriously, how am I going to get the courage to even attempt publishing a novel if I can't keep up with writing a blog??

So, creativity is definitely coming into play in 2014, that much I will tell you.
And please, my dear readers, keep me accountable.
Let me know that you do in fact enjoy my posts, and want to see more. :)

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