Saturday, May 25, 2013

sleepy saturday musings

I feel quite blessed to have gotten almost the entire weekend off of work. I was only scheduled for three hours yesterday and three hours today, plus I don't work tomorrow or Monday. Goodness, that was a nice surprise! I'm not entirely sure what will happen with the rest of the weekend; Nate and I are planning to fry brats tomorrow afternoon once he's done working, but beyond that who knows. Hopefully I'll finish planting my little garden, since I won't have much time the rest of the week.

Lately, I've been slowly feeling more inspired. This has been difficult, of course, because now I am working and my hours aren't the same from week to week. But a routine for home time will come back eventually, of that I am certain. My meal planning has suffered greatly, which bothers me more than a little bit, so I am working on that being the first thing I get back into doing. There will always have to be some room to move, though.

I am more a creature of habit than may be obvious at first glance. When I finally settle into a routine and something changes, I am very inwardly upset and shaken, and then I get irritable and utterly unsociable at times. At any rate, as I continue to get used to working outside the home, I'm also hoping I can meet a few personal goals, one being regular blogging. I sometimes have something to say everyday, but then all of a sudden there is nothing for weeks at a time. I hate that, and it is unfair to my readers.

Writing is truly one of my biggest joys, and I want to share that joy. I have also begun work on a novel, actually. As of right now, it is a Victorian steampunk tale, so we'll see where that goes. Honestly, it hasn't come far on paper, but there's loads of ideas whirling around my brain.

I do have homemaking goals for the month of June, along with a few other goals, that I will share in a later post, so stay tuned. And if you have any advice, I will gladly listen!

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