Friday, June 7, 2013

five things friday

Hey, it cooled down this week! But it rained like everyday. I'm beginning to wonder if we'll have an English summer: wet and cool. I'm certainly okay with it being cool, but not too enthused about it being wet all the time. The hiking trails will always be muddy, which is generally not fun.
I had a few other posts planned for this week, but I've worked a few very long days. Well, eight hours. Which is long when you have to be standing for all of that. Thankfully, my feet and back are getting used to it, though my lower back still spasms kind of a lot. Ah well. As long as I can walk around at least every ten minutes, I think I'm okay. And man does it feel great to sit down at the end of the day. But the downside of working long shifts is that I don't get anything done at home and then the weekend comes and I'm upset that the house is a mess. Eventually there will be balance...I think...though with as slowly as I adjust to things, that might not come until I'm ready to leave my job. Sigh. Well, here are my five things for this Friday.

1. I did purchase a juicer this week, but haven't had time to even take it out of the box. Stay tuned!
2. One of my fitness plans is to begin a Couch to 5K program (I even have one on my iPod already!), since I'd love to be a runner and one of my friends has been bugging me to participate in runs with him. So we'll see how that goes...if it ever stops raining when I have free time...
3. I'm always biting my tongue while at work because I want to tell people what kind of crap they are buying to put into their bodies. Quite frankly, it's appalling. Especially when someone on food stamps buys a cartload of soda, packaged snack cakes, and candy. I mean, what? I wanted to gag when I saw what these people were buying and then they pulled out their EBT card and it was all I could do not to say something...Lord, help me keep holding my tongue...
4. Totally just realised that yes, I have a camera now and I keep forgetting about it. Hmm.
5. Sourdough bread is now my favourite. Wish I had the time to make some...


  1. 8 hours on your feet is nothing... enjoy it! Your feet will get used to being walked on, and it will help with your plans to run. Cleaning house will all balance out. Just try to keep a positive attitude.
    I know it's really hard, especially with those that have food stamps (and essentially we are the ones that pay for it), but try not to judge others while you're working. You don't know their situation. You don't know their allergies, or possible health conditions. Them eating "appalling food" will not have any direct negative impact on you or your family. Frankly, it's not really any of your business what others put into their bodies, so why judge them based on that?
    It's not very Christian to judge someone. Leave that job to God and Jesus.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement.

      Also, I think it kind of is our business what they put in their bodies especially since we are essentially paying for it. As for health conditions and/or allergies, I truly believe that what we eat makes so much difference...

      Of course it's not very Christian to judge someone, I know that. But we're all sinful and it happens. I do my best not to judge, and honestly I'm not judging exactly, more being observant and a bit frustrated at people.

    2. Sorry to continue with this, but you are in fact judging. You are forming an opinion on someone based on what they buy at a grocery store. If that's not judging someone then I don't know what is.

      What about the people who aren't on food stamps? Do you criticize what they buy as well?
      Ever try to talk to them? Get to know their story? Do you find yourself rolling your eyes at them? Maybe they can't afford the healthier foods... I know I certainly can't. And quite frankly, the organic foods can be worse for you than non organic, so I stay clear from them!

      As for allergies, I've learned from experience that a lot of them are triggered by stress, not food we consume! You can eat as "healthy" as possible and still obtain every allergy. The allergies are all programmed inside our genes. The trigger is the tricky part. Yes, how your body reacts to some foods can trigger an allergy, but most of the time this is not the case. Allergies can be turned on or off at any time in your life.

    3. Can I ask if you even know me personally? Because you're assuming things about me and being rather rude.

      I don't criticize, I observe. And when the truly healthy foods are the ones that don't come in a box, it;s almost always a matter of what a person chooses based on preference, not cost. There is a pattern. Again, not judging, just observing.

      Allergies can be triggered by stress, no doubt about it. But a lot of the food we eat, products we use, basically any pharmaceutical out there, and lack of fresh air do trigger them, too. Allergies can be reversed, though I know that process is not feasible for everyone.