Friday, June 14, 2013

five things friday

It's the weekend! And it really is for me, because I'm going with a couple of good friends to visit my family and go to a Regency Ball! I really can't wait, because it's been quite a few years since I've been to the annual Playford Ball, and to make things even more exciting, I get to wear my wedding dress again! Sadly, Nate won't be coming along because he does have to work...but I'll make sure to have some pictures. :)

And now for my five things:

1. I completely forgot to do my second Top Ten post on Tuesday, but that's because I worked all day and was exhausted. Sometimes people are so rude and that's, well, exhausting. Anyone who says that part-time jobs can't be stressful probably hasn't worked customer service in a grocery store (or anywhere else, since people can be just as rude and demanding elsewhere...).
2. I still haven't used my juicer...sadface.
3. My yoga mat gets much more use when it's nice outside. There's just something awesome about practicing yoga outside in the sunshine.
4. Granola and yogurt are delicious together, but if you eat it too slowly the granola gets soggy and I hate that. But I eat it anyway. Because it still tastes good.
5. I finally bought myself a glass water bottle from Lifefactory (though I purchased it through Amazon because I have free two-day shipping), and it's definitely one of the best investments I've ever made. No more nasty plastic that never truly gets clean!! And while my stainless steel one was nice, it had definitely seen better days. Plus, now I have a cap that I can actually drink out of while walking or driving and not pour all the water down the front of me. And it's bright pink!

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