Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top Ten Favourite Television Shows

I like writing lists, obviously. They are a good way to get one's thoughts out. So here is another weekly feature that I am introducing on the blog: Tuesday Top Ten. I've seen many other blogs do this, and I've participated in a few themed ones. Mine isn't going to be themed overall, it'll just be random lists. And since I've been listening to music from Game of Thrones all morning, I've decided that the inaugural list for this feature will be my top ten television shows to watch. First of all, I don't even watch that much tv, at least not regularly. Second, I'm not counting shows that aren't running anymore, because then the list would be longer. Maybe that'll be a different list. So here goes.

1. Doctor Who -- This is the best show ever, it really is. Time travel is my favourite topic ever, so yeah.

2. Downton Abbey -- 'nuff said.

3. Bones -- I think this murder-solving show just finished its eighth season, and I'm still as hooked as ever. It's not even something I would have normally started watching, but my sister did, so I watched with her.

4. Orphan Black -- This thriller only finished its first season last weekend, and I honestly can't wait until next season. Many of you may not have heard of it, since it's only on BBC America. But the actress playing the main character is playing a host of other characters on the show, since the premise is that she discovers she is a clone. Tatiana Maslany is a fantastic actress for being able to play so many different personalities. WARNING: very violent and graphic at times.

5. Once Upon a Time -- I almost forgot about this show, and I'm probably about five episodes behind, but I enjoy the premise and though it's not the best written show ever, it's definitely fun to watch.

6. New Girl -- Zooey Deschanel is just too cute, okay?

7. Game of Thrones -- I almost feel like this shouldn't be so far down on the list, but eh. It's the most violent and graphic show I've ever watched, which makes me squirm and not ever want to watch it with anyone else, but I also know that tons of people watch this. I'm a season behind because I don't actually have HBO, but I'm reading the books before watching the seasons anyway, so it's all good. But this whole story is heartwrenching, it really is. Once I get over all the graphic sex and weird violence, the heart of the story is painful and sometimes beautiful.

8. The Big Bang Theory -- I can't get enough of the antics of Sheldon and crew. And the nerd references are just awesome. Always makes me proud of being a nerd.

9. Top Gear -- This probably should be higher on the list. Cars, three British men who aren't afraid to admit (most of) their mistakes on television, and awesome landscapes? Not to mention all the hilarity that comes from them trying lots of weird and hilarious things... I never manage to watch an episode without laughing.

10. The Nerdist -- Last, but certainly not least. This is a BBC America talk show, on Saturday nights. As the title implies, it's a talk show for nerds. They do some hilarious things and there's literally always at least one reference to Doctor Who. Yes, excellent show for keeping up with what's happening in the nerd culture.

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